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Creative and passionate, Denis Bioteau followed an exemplary yet atypical path, seeking knowledge in both classical/contemporary and pop/rock and jazz music.
His musical inspirations range from Claude Debussy, Sergueï Prokofiev to Gustav Holst and Quincy Jones, Jukka Linkola to Frank Mantooth.

After studying at the Centre d'Informations musicales de Paris (CIM) with Ivan Jullien and Derry Hall, where he received a gold medal in composition, arrangement and orchestration of Jazz, he perfected his skills with Patrice Sciortino (first prize in orchestration and composition). He also completed his training with Dominique Rouits in orchestral conducting at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. He holds a Master’s degree in Composition from the Royal Conservatory of Liège.

Winner of several national awards in composition and orchestration (Sacem, Côte d’Azur Jazz Awards), he composed and arranged music for various events with big band (Caravansérail, Smaïn and Atomic Big Band, Zéphir, Côte Ouest) and founded the Niss’Arte Big Band with which he performed during many festivals (Cannes Jazz 13, festival of Juan-les-Pins, Nice Jazz Festival).

Moreover, he recorded radio advertising music with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra (Radio France, RTL), TV shows (TF1, France 2, France 3) and CD’s in various styles (jazz, pop, rock, variety, Viennese marches/waltzes, contemporary and historical music, acid-jazz with Youn Sun Nah).

He has also worked for the theatre ("La Belle Hélène" in Montansier Theatre in Versailles with Richard Lornac, Anne Baquet, Jean-Daniel Laval, Lorenzo Salvaggio, Richard Delestre, Jacques Dau) and musicals ("Le Dernier Violon" in Rhône-Alpes, "Legend’Airs" in Île-de-France with Tony Bastian, Alexis Bourlier, "Rue des Oiseaux" in Pyrénées-Orientales, "La Chasse aux Papillons" and "Coup de Casquette à Pierre Perret" in Brittany with Patrick Cosnet Company).

For television, he wrote arrangements for Jean-Claude Borelly in "La Grosse Emission".

For cinema, he made arrangements and orchestrations for the film "Rosenn" by Yvan Le Moine (Belgium).

In 2015, Denis Bioteau created the Concerto N°1 Opus 27 for piano and symphony orchestra in collaboration with the composer Marc Mignon, work which had its world premiere in June 2016 in Strasbourg with the Bel'Arte Symphony Orchestra and the pianist Francis Wirth.

In 2017, he co-composed the "Concerto de Paris" N°2 Opus 32 for piano and symphony orchestra, always in partnership with Marc Mignon. This piece of music was performed and recorded on August 9, 2022 for the world premiere at the 55th Jan Kiepura Festival in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, with pianist Beata Szałwińska and the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zbigniew Graca.

In 2020, he composed the Suite "Mode Halles", a five-movement piece written for big band with a strings consort and synthesizer violin that was released on CD in November 2021.

Except for these activities, he was a music expert at the Paris Court of Appeal from December 2012 to February 2015.

Posters Shows/Film

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Musical - 1997
Musical show - 2003
Comic opera - 2004
Musical show - 2008
Musical supervision
Musical - 2009
Feature film - 2013
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