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As professor, Denis Bioteau taught composition, arrangement, orchestration and jazz harmony in various schools (the CIM in Paris, the Conservatory of Bois-colombes, the Musical Center in Marsannay-la-Côte).


Music classes are available to everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge and experience.

He currently teaches in private lessons, organized face-to-face or videoconferencing.

2023 Season


from 20 to 25 August 2023 in Font-Romeu.

For the 30th year of the existence of this internship, the Music Repair workshop was present to answer questions from motivated trainees!

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2022 Season


from 20 to 28 August 2022 in Font-Romeu.

New for the 29th year: existing since 1993 in various forms, this course is intended for all those who wish to develop their musical abilities whether in the vocal technique related to posture and physical condition, group practice, improvisation techniques, composition and arrangement regardless of musical style.


New educational content with Denis Bioteau:


  • Workshop - Music Repair


The aim of this workshop is for each intern to find answers to the questions he has to improve his musical writings, or even to begin and advance them.

The demand can be on a problem of composition, harmony, orchestration, arrangement, polyrhythm, instrumentation, styles, editorial readability etc...

This workshop makes it possible to immediately have targeted answers: we have already experienced that a direct and satisfying outcome made us even more eager to continue to learn and improve!


  • Course-Analysis of the musical work MODE HALLES


Denis Bioteau, composer of this piece written for big band with strings consort and synthesizer violin, says that he wanted to concretize 25 years of reflections on the composition by creating a mix of styles and dynamics, between the classical and popular music.

He revisits the different trends of 20th century musical writing, associated with the energy of groove & improvisation of modern contemporary music.

2019/2020 Season

Educational programmes


La Belle Saison is also a resource structure within the territories, whether urban or rural, allowing to promote the accessibility to classical and contemporary music without compromising on the artistic quality and on the requirement of the programmed works.


Two annual residencies take place in the town of Coulommiers: Belle Saison 2019 artists will be at the side of the conservatory students in their practice of chamber music and transcription of a score.


  • Lectures on musical writing hosted by Denis Bioteau.


Some former students include artists such as:

Richard LORNAC (pianist): worked with RENAUD, Thierry LE LURON, Joe DASSIN…

Olivier KER OURIO (harmonicist): worked with Toots THIELEMANS, Didier LOCKWOOD...

Manu CODJIA (guitarist): worked with Érik TRUFFAZ, Louis SCLAVIS, Henri TEXIER…

Frédéric MATHET (bassist): worked with Daniel GUICHARD, MALICORNE, Charlélie COUTURE…

Pierre JACONELLI (guitarist): worked with CALOGERO, Benjamin BIOLAY, Johnny HALLYDAY…

François BODIN (guitarist): worked with "La Nouvelle Star", Alain BASHUNG, Alain SOUCHON…

Matthieu RABATÉ (drummer): worked with INDOCHINE, MC SOLAAR, ZAZIE, Mylène FARMER…

Nicolas MATHURIAU (percussionist): worked with Vincent DELERM, Renan LUCE, Pauline CROZE…

« …Par ses connaissances et son expérience, Denis donne l’envie de continuer à jouer de la musique, mais  surtout les moyens de se mettre à en faire… »

Richard LORNAC


« …C’est certainement le cours qui m’aura le plus marqué, tant pour la clarté des explications théoriques,  la régularité des devoirs et exercices que les évidentes qualités pédagogiques de

Monsieur Bioteau… »


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